Storysmith Portrayal of Clara Barton
Photo by Marianne Martin
Clara Barton: Inveterate Patriot, Indefatigable Humanitarian

Relish the charm and grit of Clara Barton, angel of the Civil War battlefield and founder of the American Red Cross in one of two programs:

Adult Program
Let's travel back to the late 1880s. Miss Clara Barton is well known as a public speaker describing the contributions that led to her being dubbed "the Angel of the Battlefield" during the Civil War, where she defined her role as filling the gap "between the bullet and the hospital." But she is also ready to describe her activities after the war: First she established and ran an "Office for Missing Soldiers," thus creating the first of what we now call a "Missing in Action" list. Later she served under the newly formed International Red Cross and eventually founded the American Red Cross. This undertaking demanded educating the public, lobbying with Congress, and working with the press — all from the disadvantage-point of being a woman in a society that assigned very little power to her gender.

Hear Clara's tribute to those who serve in our armed forces - soldier, veteran, and their families. Find out how she worked her way through government red tape both to care for the wounded on the battlefield and years later to convince the United States government to bring the Red Cross to America. Her fortitude under fire and tenacious dedication to the cause of humanity stand as a role model for all time.

Youth Program
Follow Miss Barton to the battlefield as she tends to wounded soldiers, and find out why they thought of her as their "Angel." Along the way, learn how a childhood experience with family tragedy, early lessons in arithmetic and composition, and a love of adventure led her to volunteer her nursing services during the Civil War. Her life stands as a shining example of how everything we learn along the way — in school and in life — can serve us in finding and fulfilling our life purpose.

Both programs last approximately one hour and consist of a 40-45 minute monologue in-character, followed first by a Q&A with "Clara Barton" and then by a Q&A with the scholar/presenter.